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Hot Sauce Lover (650 members)

Jalapeno (409 members)

Habanero (348 members)

Heat Preference: Hot (348 members)

Hot Pepper Sauces (321 members)

Cayenne (284 members)

Chipotle (255 members)

Tabasco (219 members)

Green Chile Sauce (210 members)

Hot Sauce Connoisseur (208 members)

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  • remylereve
  • 55 years old
  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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  • velmax30youtube
  • Jake velmax30 on youtube Hi im jake. im a nice guy once you get to know me. if you want to chat, talk to me on my oovo and kik.
  • 31 years old
  • Minneapolis St Paul, MN, USA
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  • lolicat
  • The peppers are inedible? But they were delicious! I actually did eat peppers I wasn't supposed to before, like it was nothing. It was funny watching my friends try them. Recently I have (much to the surprise and happiness of my family members) stopped putting hot sauce and loads of cayenne pepper on everything, simply because I want to actually taste my food how everyone else does for a while. Bu...
  • 22 years old
  • Newport News, VA, USA
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  • darkdragondeath
  • Love me some hot sauce HOT SAUCE baby!!
  • 32 years old
  • Houston, TX, USA
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  • ycorrea1989
  • Single and ready to mingle. I'm funny, kind, compassionate, loyal, caring, and lovable. I'm an animal lover. I love to play the Wii and go bowling. I love talking and texting on the phone. I'm good company.
  • 30 years old
  • Assonet, MA, USA
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  • encontrado
  • Caliente! I like heat as in spice, weather wise, seasonal, etc.
  • 44 years old
  • Syracuse, NY, USA
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  • jerseyman36
  • The hotter the better I really enjoy Mexican food and the large variety of hot sauces out there to compliment it. I've picked up hot sauces from all over the world and love every drop of them.
  • 39 years old
  • Tuckerton, NJ, USA
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  • naturallyours
  • Spice of Life Addicted since Vietnam - nothing makes C rations edible except hot sauce. Put Tabasco on everything (lol).
  • 74 years old
  • Hilo, HI, USA
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  • ram012593
  • 26 years old
  • Worcester, MA, USA
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  • cakeflirty21
  • 29 years old
  • Qiryat Bialik, Israel
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